Our custom
golf heads,
you’ve never
seen before.
We have a lineup of surface treatments for a wide variety of golf heads that is not available in mass production.
Why not get a golf head customized to your taste?

Want it but it’s not
for sale?
Then let’s make it!
Are you satisfied with the colors of golf heads on the market?
If you can’t find them anywhere,
why not let us help you?

No need to buy
a new one.
Scratched golf heads can be restored to like-new condition with polishing and sandblasting.
When re-plating you get to choose the color. Repair, not replacement, is the choice.

Turn over
a new leaf.
We have a unique lineup waiting for you
From traditional silver to the one and only black.
Custom variations to meet every need
Only Alfamek can make it been realized.

Custom Golf Head
Service Overview

1. Plating peeling and surface polishing

We will chemically remove any remaining plating from your head. We will also remove scratches as much as possible by surface polishing. Large scratches such as stoning are available for an optional fee.

2. Plating process

We will perform the appropriate plating process for your order.

3. Face sandblasting

Sandblast the face to finish. Protect non-essential areas one by one with masking tape.

4. Pre-shipment inspection

We will ship after weight and appearance inspections.
Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

5. Shipment

For international shipments, we ask that you arrange for pickup. Details will be determined upon individual consultation.